I've always had uber-respect for those who make their living as writers. It's a ballsy, leap-of-faith vocation to which I aspire. Thus far, however, I've chosen to feed our family with my marketing toolbox and my soul with freelance writing. Below you'll find some of my stories from the past decade. Narrative non-fiction with gritty travel & outdoor themes are my preferred medium. You'll also find profiles & product reviews in the mix.


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Outside Bozeman

Summer Issue, 2017

A Montana Mile

Blending high alpine singletrack and grizzly bear angst, this essay highlights one of Montana's 5-star rides. 


Outside Bozeman

Winter Issue 2016-17

Split Ambition

This profile features Will Ritter and his hyper niche, super booming biz, Spark R&D. Makers of the world's finest splitboard bindings (say what?), Will has built a thriving, Montana-based enterprise from CNC'ed billet aluminium. 



Cooke'in with Gas

This is a tale about mentoring. Schutzy - the sensi of shred - shepherds Murph, Kirby and the crew in the high-angle Beartooth backcountry.  



Bomb Flow

Vamos Ahorita (Go Now/Immediately)

Jack Tackle, a badass, semi-renowned climber, gave me some sage advice, "Buy the fucking plane ticket." Here we heed his not-so-gentle prodding and head to the bowels of Mexico for a salt water cleanse. 



Catch A Cheetah: Dave B. Profile

I've done a few snowboarding trips into B.C.'s Coast Range Mountains with Dave Basterrechea. He's got billygoat, big mountain skills that always leave me slack-jawed. Yet, he's a devoted dad and backcountry entrepreneur, as well. Here's a snapshot of this freakishly talented, yet equally low-key shredder.


Bomb Flow

Moku Nui Tattoo 

Wrote and photographed a piece about a mid-winter surf junket to my "secret" Hawaiian Island. Bivi'ing for three weeks out of a rental minivan, bouncing off the reef and having an off chance - perfect - surf session with Kelly Slater (and Shane Dorian).


American Cowboy

ROAD TRIP: Charlie Russell's Montana

Not my standard beat, I don't normally write for cowboy mags on western art topics. However, this was interesting to research - giddy up!



Backcountry Magazine

Puckerville, Montucky: A Near Miss in Montana's Bitterroots

Sometimes stories just happen. We were on a mellow, b/c trip at the Downing Mountain Lodge, which is located on the east shoulder of the Bitterroot range. Conditions went from balmy corn skiing to an overnight, extra-dank 18" dump. In our excitement to rip pow, we triggered a monster avalanche. 



When my editor first hit me up with this assignment I balked. You see, I have serious distain for the formulaic "20 Most Beautiful" type topics that proliferate in much of contemporary media. However, once I got off my high-horse, I really enjoyed writing this piece about my favorite isle.


Outside - Traveler

Total Immersion: One Family's 18-month (and counting) Hawaiian Hiatus

Thanks to Leslie Weeden, an editor who believes in my writing, I had a solid ten-year run with Outside Mag. 



Snowboard Life

Burning Ring of Fire

Seriously, how often do you get to use a Johnny Cash song for the title of a story? Even if you don't read the article, check the photo on the opening spread. Contact me if you desire the incendiary recipe.


Outside - Travel Guide

Alaska For Greenhorns

This tale is about a heli-shred trip to Alaska; it debunks the general notion that one need be a brass-balls-expert to seek fluffy turns in the 49th state.



Scratching The Surface

Wolverine tracks are a good indicator you're in a wild, remote place. Skinning around in the Centennial Mountains, on the Montana/Idaho border, we came across these sharp-clawed foot prints as well as occupied bear dens. And, a slew of sweet lines like this cover photo.


Snowboard Journal

Elusive Fruit - Seeking Nectar in the Tantalus Range

Bro trips are all well & good until someone gets swallowed by a bergschrund. That's how I was feeling on this excursion into the serrated, granite pyramids just west of Squamish, BC. High stakes billy goating in a glaciated zone, riddled with crevasses. Did I mention the sweet hut? 




Aeropress and All Terrain Camper

Gear reviews are often rehashed tech specs +/or minimally re-tooled workbook copy. I tend to take a more narrative approach when reviewing tools I get to test drive. From portable espresso makers to pop-up pick up campers, Backcountry mag has given me creative license.  


Bomb Snow

Mammut/Barryvox Element avalanche beacon

"Way, way better than a plastic jesus..."



Portable coffee contraptions 

A round-up review of java brewing devices.