mh - playing with a full deck in La Union, Mex.

Mike H. a.k.a.: miguel, harley, waxer

Growing up in Hawai'i in the late '60's introduced me to the haole-boy school of hard knocks and taught me the tribal power of aloha. Climbing & kayaking - rivers & crags - brought purpose to my mid-Atlantic teens.  Developing an early love for the natural environment, oceans, mountains and wild places, I was fortunate to tap into these forces that have charged my batteries ever since. 

With a foundation of purpose based on devoted relationships, unfiltered experience, quality work, and giving back, I've fused together a pretty sweet career. Most every job has been a dream gig: selling carabiners in the Tetons, guiding whitewater in West "By God" Virginia, developing Patagonia's snowsports line and brand, "handling" Yvon Chouinard, serving as a PR wrangler and outdoor ambassador for Montana.

Always have an eye to the future; looking to design a worthy next chapter.  

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